Know Your Asians: Momoko Ueda (Mo-mo-ko U-eh-da)
By Stephanie Wei under General

There’s an influx of Asians on the LPGA. And they’re really good. In fact, they win a lot. But many fans find it difficult to keep track of who is who because, you know, all Asians look alike and their names sound the same. So, let’s get to know them better.

  • Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, she’s 23 years old.
  • She started playing golf at age 9.
  • She turned professional in 2005, and in 2007 she became the youngest player in the history of the JLPGA to finish first on the money list.
  • After winning the LPGA Mizuno Classic in November 2007, she became the first Japanese player to win an LPGA event in nine years and secured her LPGA tour card.
  • This season she’s placed T6 at the Honda PTT LPGA Thailand and T15 at the HSBC Women’s Champions.
  • She has a very bright website.
  • Her name means “Peach” in Japanese.
  • If she wasn’t playing golf, she would be a fashion designer, and sponsored by Pearly Gates, she dresses very stylishly (even when she’s playing ping pong!).
  • If she could be anyone for a day, she would be Victoria Beckham so she could be married to David Beckham.
  • She enjoys music, shopping, karaoke, pool, collecting earrings, soccer and swimming.
  • Her favorite colors are navy blue, pink and white.
  • She keeps a blog, but unfortunately for us English-speaking people, it’s in Japanese (but I’m told she speaks so-so English).
  • She appears to have a very comfortable bed, too.

    Asian-ness Scale (1-10, 1: Michelle Wie, totally Americanized; 5: Se Ri Pak, somewhat assimilated; 10: Eun-Hee Ji, 한국말): Momoko = 5