Stevie and Tiger, a Broken Bromance
By Stephanie Wei under General

Tiger Woods’ caddie, Steve Williams, has been known to behave more like a defensive bodyguard than simply a looper at times. So you’d think he would have had an idea about Tiger’s extracurricular activities and also been adamant about keeping his buddy’s secret. But curiously enough, in an interview with New Zealand’s version of 60 Minutes, he said he would have outed Tiger had he known. What’s more, Stevie is angry with him:

“I knew nothing, that’s my answer. I don’t have to clarify or extend that answer. I knew nothing. It would be very difficult as a caddie not to know but I’m 100 per cent telling you, I did not know, and that’s that. I’m a straight-up sort of person. No one that has ever watched him on a golf course would suspect anything would be going on. I’m under siege, it’s been a difficult time, there’s no two ways about it.

If I had known something was going on, the whistle would have been blown. Of course I’m mad at him, why would you not be? I’m close with his wife and he’s got two lovely children and he’s let them down.”

Tiger sure has put Stevie in a tough spot, but honestly, Stevie would have intervened with Tiger’s affairs? Now as honorable as that is, given he’s probably the richest caddie in the world — thanks to Tiger — you would think he’s paid enough to keep his mouth shut, too. Even minus the work relationship, as a friend and confidante, I hope Stevie meant he would have just pulled Tiger aside to voice his disapproval, and not “blown the whistle” in the literal sense.

I can’t imagine Tiger was too happy with these comments. But hopefully he appreciates the candor. Rick Reilly will be even more unbearable if Tiger actually follows his edict to fire Stevie.