My Profile on Ryan Moore in SI
By Stephanie Wei under General

The story is in this week’s edition of Sports Illustrated. My favorite line?

“Ryan is never going to be upset that the media is covering someone because of the shiny belt they’re wearing.”

That came from Jason, Ryan’s younger brother, with a little smirk.

Surprisingly, 1,500 words — which initially seemed daunting — fills up the screen pretty quickly. Here are some more interesting bits about Moore:

  • He calls the PGA Tour a “very, very lonely place” at times, which is why his brother or friend caddie for him and family/friends always travel with him. His good friend and former UNLV teammate Andres Gonzales, who plays on the mini tours, says he’s never seen Ryan alone.
  • He’s misunderstood. In junior golf people thought he was arrogant because “he was confident and he loved to tell people about certain golf shots he hit,” says best friend and swing coach Troy Denton. During his college days his competitors felt threatened by him and wanted to beat him to prove something to themselves. Now, because he’s quiet and doesn’t go out of his way to make new friends, many just think he’s aloof.
  • His mother describes him as “intensely quiet,” meaning he’s mentally strong and observant, but keeps his thoughts to himself most of the time.
  • In college when Jason used to always ask him, “What’s your backup plan?,” he would reply, “I’m going to be on the PGA Tour.” It bothered Jason that Ryan didn’t have one, but Ryan says, “I can’t explain it, once I believe something, it’s going to happen. My theory on backup plans is if you have one, you’re going to use it. Call me crazy, cocky or conceited.”
  • Example of Moore’s mental toughness (and not caring what anyone thinks): At the ‘06 PGA Championship his wrist was really hurting him and he couldn’t swing without pain — except when he tried an old drill, where his wrists were already cocked and the club head is actually a few feet in the air above its normal position, and then he would simply turn his shoulders and swing away. He played the entire tournament like that and placed T9.
  • At the Bob Hope Classic he played with Arnold Palmer’s grandson, who told Ryan and Jason that his grandfather always says, “Watch what Ryan Moore does and copy it. If there’s anybody out there to follow, it’s him. He does his own thing and he doesn’t listen to the media, the swing coaches and try to be transformed into something different. He plays his own game and he plays to his own strengths. Don’t listen to what everybody else says.”
  • Moore’s girlfriend, Serena, isn’t the “average Tour wife,” meaning she has (gasp!) a job — she’s a journalist in NYC.
  • His family and friends wish people knew about his generosity. He’s constantly giving to people close to him and charities, but he does it quietly — or as his dad says, “He doesn’t put an ad in the newspaper saying, ‘Hey, you need help? Call me.’”
  • He enjoys watching romantic comedies and TV shows like Arrested Development and Scrubs.
  • He also likes cats, which his girlfriend gives him a hard time about.
  • He figured out he doesn’t like staying in hotel rooms, so this season he started renting houses on the road.

So there you have it — feeling comfortable is very important to Ryan Moore, and usually that means doing things differently from the norm.