John Daly Reminds Everyone Why There’s a 456-Page Dossier on Him [*Update]
By Stephanie Wei under General

Daly’s reality show, Being John Daly, premiered on Tuesday evening and it was pretty much everything you expected it to be — “I’m John Daly, I’ve changed. I don’t drink or gamble anymore. My hobbies are smoking and sex.” (Yeah, he seriously said something like that.) Afterward Daly turned to Twitter, thanking his fans for their support, and then voicing his outrage against writer Garry Smits.

Smits unleashed a report about the PGA Tour’s 456-page document called John Daly’s personnel file, which is now public record after Daly unsuccessfully sued Morris Publishing in 2005. The extensive file reveals that the Tour ordered Daly “to undergo counseling or enter alcohol rehabilitation centers seven times, once disciplined him for hitting golf shots off the top of a beer can during a pro-am and cited him 21 times for ‘failure to give best efforts,’ during Tour events.” He was also fined almost $100,000 in his career through fall of 2008, suspended five times, put on probation six times and cited 11 times for “conduct unbecoming a professional.”

Naturally, Daly enlisted his 45-thousand-something followers to call and say mean things to Smits:

Now that’s really mature. Perhaps he’d like to be cited for unbecoming conduct for the 12th time. If you want to show people you’ve changed, here’s some advice — don’t angrily tweet the writer’s cell number (three times!) and tell everyone to yell at him. Be the bigger person, JD!

Good news is that as of last night, Smits had only received 10 to 12 calls.

*Update: The AP reports that Daly removed the tweets by mid-morning on Wednesday and in a text message to to the AP wrote, “Gary left his cell number and e-mail address from phone number he left in the article public record far as I’m concerned.” Smits received nearly 100 calls and 30 voicemails by Wednesday afternoon.