TigerText: Now Cheaters Can Sext Freely
By Stephanie Wei under General

If only TigerText had been created before Tiger Woods sent the telling text messages to Jaimee Grubbs, Rachel Uchitel and whomever else he was allegedly boinking.

Good news for all who have regretted pressing the “send” button at least once or twice. This new iPhone app allows users to set a lifespan for text messages — when the time has expired, like two hours after being sent, the messages are instantly deleted from both phones and the TigerText server. And you can program the messages to automatically self-destruct 60 seconds after they’ve been read (neat!).

Test runs are free. The first 100 text messages are complimentary and then only $1.49 per 250 messages per month and $2.49 for unlimited use. Just make sure the receiver downloads the app, too. And if you’re a Blackberry or Droid user, don’t fret — TigerText will be available to you soon.

According to one report, the app name is pure coincidence (was in place before the whole Tiger Woods sex scandal) and aimed at people who value privacy. Oh, so many levels of irony! Now someone just needs to invent an app that performs the same function with voicemails.