Your Waste Management Final Round Open Thread
By Stephanie Wei under General

I’m regretting my decision to take the redeye back to NYC. Too late, dummy! I only wish I could have seen more players and golf, less media room and especially hotel room. Some quick thoughts before I nap — now I know the Phoenix “Wasted” Open is notorious for being the tournament stop where all sorts of characters who could care less about this sport called golf other than an excuse to gather and drink (lots of) beers on a grassy pasture. Yeah, that’s pretty much it, but I gotta give the crowds credit, it’s pretty awesome. I was like a really, really sober person at a frat party, but that almost made it more interesting. I also have to credit how organized the tournament seemed despite the crowds, drunks, shenanigans, etc.

On Saturday, it was guesstimated a scarce 121,221, down from 160-something-thousand last year. But even if this number was made up from thin air (because, surely their counters are error-proof), that’s impressive for a tailgate golf event.

Here’s an interesting analytics aside: The search “Rickie Fowler girlfriend” returned the most hits to my blog yesterday. As a matter of fact, it’s the most-searched term of the month! I guess Rickie’s relationship status is very topical for at least 640 doting fans (wonder how this breaks down by a/s/l).

Anthony Kim who was T3 going into Saturday fired a 76. Hope he wasn’t out drinking until 4AM. Kidding! AK? No way.

We’ve got a great leaderboard filled with young names for the final round. Let’s see, Brandt Snedeker leads by one stroke over Scott Piercy. Rickie Fowler is T3, two shots back. If he wins, he would become the youngest player to win on Tour since Tiger in ‘96. (Hype, hype, hype!) His outfit sure was…err…blue. But to his credit, he was forced to wear it (he had a “script” this week /shiver). Camilo Villegas sits at T5. In related news, Mark Calcavecchia, who is T6, weighs more than his playing partners, 2.0 and Spidey, combined.

Just checked — it’s raining and high of 64 degrees in Scottsdale. Perhaps I did the right thing by leaving after all.

Alright, discuss the tournament, the over/under on Calc’s weight, the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen on the course, or something like that.