The Rumble in Phoenix
By Stephanie Wei under General

As I’ve mentioned, I’m in Phoenix for the Waste Management Open to write a story for some sports magazine this week. It doesn’t involve hanging out at the Birds Nest, where heckling players is fair game. So, sadly I won’t be boozing with the 50,000 some fans on the 16th hole at the Tour’s party stop, which resembles a tailgate more than a golf tournament. Apparently around 35,795 people showed up on Tuesday — no, that’s not a typo. Last year 160-something-thousand on Saturday, and this year the tournament doesn’t coincide with Superbowl Sunday. Frightening!

Besides catching Mike’s brother’s parking space, I can tell you I hate driving in Scottsdale and it’s difficult to find a place for food at 1AM — the nearest 24-hour delicious-artery-clogging-burger to the senior citizen’s hangout I’m staying at is Jack-In-The-Box. What else? Oh, I had dinner with SI’s Alan Shipnuck, who might smile more than me. Two minutes within arriving at the restaurant, my contact lens flew out of my left eye and was lost forever. My eyesight is so bad that I’m almost considered legally blind, mind you. But I had a great time chatting with Alan. I just hope he doesn’t think I have a tick because the left side of my face kept making all sorts of weird twitches.

Time to hit the course now. Maybe I’ll see something crazy like beer-guzzling frat dudes playing beer pong or a group of ladies dressed like Tiger’s mistresses.