A Little Bit of Strange Never Hurt
By Stephanie Wei under General

I made a cameo at this week’s edition of SI/Golf.com’s roundtable. Naturally, the chatter was heavily Tiger-centric and while I’m sure you’re sick of the topic, the discussion is always an amusing and engaging read. Here’s just an excerpt with a silly comment of mine (that I’m surprised wasn’t omitted):

Van Sickle: The irony is how much of a doting father Tiger seemed to be, something he couldn’t possibly fake, whenever he talked about his kids the last two years. He seemed happier and more content than he’d ever been in some press conferences where he lowered his veil of privacy slightly. I don’t doubt for a second that he meant every word, but it’s quite a contrast to look back at those comments a year later.

Dusek: As he said, he felt entitled to things because he was Tiger Woods. I don’t think this had anything to do with his NOT loving his wife and family.

Wei: As one wise guy tells me, “every dude likes a piece of strange.” I can’t speak on that, obviously, but seems about right. No, I’m not judging. But not saying I think it’s right either.

And now I will forever be known as the girl who said that. My parents are very proud.

Thanks to the guys at the SI Golf Group for the banter and, of course, putting up with me.