Sergio Garcia Needs a Fresh Pair of Pampers
By Stephanie Wei under General

When something bothers Sergio Garcia — whether it’s justified or not — he can’t seem to help but whine.

After being clobbered by Ian Poulter in the semifinals of the Accenture Match Play Championship, Serg insisted (see above), “You should have played it, you should have played it!”


He was referring to the line of sight ruling dispute on the 7th hole. Poulter requested a free drop because of the TV tower that stood between his ball and the pin. Sergio — who was on the green but 80 feet away, mind you — even backed up Poults to the old, cranky rules official. Twenty minutes and two officials later, Poults was granted relief, but his drop would have given him a worse lie. So he justifiably chose to play it from the original spot.

Well, apparently Serg had a problem that Poults didn’t take the drop after stirring up such a scene. But Poults did nothing wrong. He was simply exploring his options in an important match, so he could take the next best shot. His ball was in a tough spot, but it wasn’t bad enough for him to simply concede the hole. He was probably also thinking, “Well, Sergio has 80 feet, and you know, the odds of him three-putting aren’t bad.”

Dude, Serg, get over it. You got beat 7&6. You even managed to make a six-footer under pressure to win that hole. What’s the point of making a fuss — particularly before Poults had even picked up his ball?

Whether he’s whining about Augusta being “unfair” and “too hard” or blaming the ghosts at Carnoustie for losing the British Open, it’s always something with him.

But more important, what the hell is on his neck?