The Golf Channel’s Charlie Rymer Cries for Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under General

Tiger Woods held back tears during his humbling apology. It wasn’t until he walked off the stage that he raised his arm to wipe one away. Meanwhile, back at the Golf Channel’s studio, Charlie Rymer was asked for his reaction [via Devil Ball Golf]:

He explained his sentimental response:

“When I see someone going through something extremely painful, and being very geniune, it hits me very hard, that’s the reason for my reaction. I really like the fact that he cast all blame on himself. It was very clear that, ‘I have done this.’ He wasn’t trying to put it on anybody else as we saw a little bit earlier. You get the sense that this is full admission and submission.”

There’s something to be said about a man who has the compassion to cry for another man’s painful experience on national TV. Rymer is clearly comfortable in his own skin. Good for him. But, honestly?