Tiger’s Trysts Sell Ticks (in China)
By Stephanie Wei under General

February 14th marked the Chinese New Year, and ironically enough, the Year of the Tiger (and Valentine’s Day, obviously).

Shortly after Tiger’s sex scandal broke, Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer said it wished to respect Tiger’s privacy while he takes time away from the game, but would continue its relationship with him. To account for “the sensitivity of some consumers in relation to recent events,” the company tore down advertisements featuring Tiger in all its Australia and US stores.

Meanwhile, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Christophe Babin told the Sydney Morning Herald that the company has actually expanded the use of Tiger’s image in China:

In China conversely you have Tag Heuer with Tiger Woods everywhere because [with] the Chinese it rather increases their esteem. In China, by tradition, your success is measured by your number of mistresses.

So if he can put up with another year of untimely camera clicks, perhaps Tiger should consider making his comeback at the HSBC Champions in Shanghai. We can bet the Chinese will greet Tiger with open arms and 15 slanty-eyed concubines — preferably dumpling waitresses and Buddhist-tantra yogis.