Tiger Getting Ready to Leave His Cage
By Stephanie Wei under General

According to TMZ, Tiger Woods and Tavistock Cup officials gathered at Tiger’s bungalow, adjacent to the Isleworth clubhouse, to chitchat about playing in next month’s exclusive exhibition match. The lavish two-day tournament pits PGA Tour players from Isleworth against the neighboring Lake Nona players.

The other week TMZ first proclaimed that Tiger would return to golf (and the pseudo-public eye) at the Tavistock Cup.

You know, initially it seemed preposterous, but the more I learn about the event, the more it seems logical. The fans only consist of members and VIP guests, all of whom will certainly be too proper to heckle. Assuming Elin has let him back in the house, he won’t have to leave the gated community and subject himself to the pesky paparazzi. And, of course, with the Golf Channel’s coverage, the most controversial topic they’ll bring up is whether or not his game looks rusty. Highly doubtful the commentators would dare to chat about this latest disturbing rumor. Most important, the officials will comply to his every demand, however absurd it might be. Hell, they’d probably let him play in boxer briefs if that were his style. Plus, the timing is close enough to The Masters to warm him up for the tournament that actually matters.

So you see, it makes perfect sense. That is, if Tiger plans to compete this year at all. But really, I can’t see him letting a year pass without taking a shot at getting closer to Jack Nicklaus’ majors record of 18. The only sure thing we’ve known all along about Tiger is that he cares about winning.

[Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images]