Nice Effing Pants: The "Skittles" Edition
By Stephanie Wei under General

Nice Effing Pants brings you the wackiest, ugliest and coolest pants (or skorts) in golf — from the pros to the mediocre weekend golfer. Please send submissions to steph.wei@gmail.com.

Wunderkinds Rickie Fowler and Ryo Ishikawa made bold fashion statements at Pebble Beach last week. Now I’m not sure how I feel about the monochromatic color schemes with hints of white, and I wonder what Marty Hackel would say about these costumes.

The San Francisco Chronicle asked Chris “Remember me, I was Robin” O’Donnell, who was teamed up with Fowler, his opinion on the attire of his youthful playing partners (Ishikawa and some actor called Lucas Black completed the foursome). O’Donnell quipped, “You mean the Skittles outfits?”

O’Donnell went on to poke some more fun, telling Fowler, “If I’d known, I would have worn a banana outfit or something.”

Attribute it to their age, I guess. But at least they’re bringing some much needed vibrancy to the buttoned-up-khaki-wearing PGA Tour.

[Photos by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images]