Gov. Schwarzenegger Golf Course Chats: "When Was Your Last Blow Job?"
By Stephanie Wei under General

Mark, a former collegiate golfer, sent me this funny anecdote he heard from his buddy who plays on the mini tours:

My friend played in a Pro-Am with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. They introduce themselves and walk up to the first tee. Arnold has this huge cigar in his mouth as he puts the tee in the ground and asks my friend, “When was your last blow job?”

My friend chuckles a little bit and says, “A couple nights ago, I guess.” Arnold doesn’t say anything, pulls back the club and mid backswing (in his “Terminator” voice) asks, “How did it taste?” and swings through and shanks the ball 50 yards dead right out of bounds.

Didn’t the Governor learn anything after this came out?