The One Where Everybody Frowns
By Stephanie Wei under General

Bruce Newman of the San Jose Mercury News writes an entertaining piece about the dampened scene at the Pebble Beach Celebrity Challenge on Wednesday:

The painful absence of Murray left George Lopez, who was paired with surfing champion Kelly Slater, to provide comic relief. Unfortunately, the usually sunny Lopez came with his game face on. The closest he came all day to bantering came after he hit his driver into the drink at 17. “Have the surfer look for it,” Lopez muttered to his caddy.

From the look of it, Kenny G’s last, um, letter is short for “Golf,” which is one thing he can play. He was teamed with actor Don Cheadle, who was resplendent in a dove gray golf ensemble on a gun metal gray day. Mr. G used some sort of laser sighting device to line up his fairway shots, but Cheadle was more inclined to trust his own instincts.

“I don’t cheat out here,” Cheadle averred. “Too many cameras.”

Sadly, this led to the near decapitation of a spectator sitting behind the second green, when the “Hotel Rwanda” star’s approach came in high and hot. Cheadle was unbowed. The spectator was bowed.

BREAKING: Even the pros have been known to hit fans and golf is hard. Anyway, uh, let’s hope Wednesday didn’t set the tone for the rest of the week. Last thing the tournament needs is a bunch of cranky prima donnas. There’s already enough of them among the pros.

[Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images]