Nightline Catches On to the Tiger Woods Sex Addiction Controversy…a Month Later
By Stephanie Wei under General

Nightline decided to chime in with a segment on sex addiction and how Tiger has to deal with his new identity as a sex addict, joining the ranks of public figures like David Duchovny and Steve Phillips. (Yes!)

The anchors speak to several experts who debate whether or not sex addiction is a real affliction. But they don’t really draw a conclusion other than how difficult it is to adhere to those year-long celibacy contracts. Now I don’t have a medical degree, but for what it’s worth, I call BS. It seems like Tiger was just abusing his status as Tiger Woods to boink ladies everywhere from Melbourne to empty parking lots in Orlando.

A few experts reference Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — that’s one thing, which Tiger appears to have — I get that. I also partially buy into those suffering from porn addiction. But if he actually did seek treatment at Pine Grove, the question is, was it to convince the public he has a real disease or just one of Elin’s conditions to work out their marriage? Perhaps it was Tiger’s way of saying, “I’m sorry I was an asshole. I’ll get help for this made-up disease if you stay with me. I don’t want to be the only player — God forbid — without a pretty wife at the Ryder Cup.”

Again, I’m not an expert, nor am I married. I won’t say, “How could Elin not leave him?” I understand it’s much more complicated than that, especially when there are kids involved. That said, I do hope they can work out their issues. You know, maybe Elin should hire a chaperone to shadow Tiger while he gallivants around the world playing golf.

Oh, here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. Be warned — it’s eight minutes of mostly garble.