This "Art" Imitating Tiger’s Strife Takes Art Too Far
By Stephanie Wei under General

Here now, The Insider has a video with a catchy headline, “New Footage Appears to Have Tiger Being Attacked by Wife.” But really, it’s a bit with actors playing Tiger and Elin in a mock video created by British photographer Alison Jackson, who is famed for her lookalike photos of celebrities in scandalous situations.

I’m all about freedom of expression and I enjoy art in various forms, but this just seemed to cross the beyond-absurd line (and we know my threshold is pretty high). Let’s review. The Chinese news reenactment videos = funny. Tiger Search History Google ad = funny. D-list actors impersonating what (allegedly) happened the night of the “accident” = just dumb.

Yep, seriously. Go here to shake your head some more.