TMZ Sez Tiger to Return at the Tavistock Cup
By Stephanie Wei under General

With speculation running rampant on pinpointing Tiger’s return to golf (you know, since he’s out of sex rehab), TMZ is reporting he’s aiming for the Tavistock Cup, citing a source that works for the Woods family. Then Tiger will allegedly head to Georgia to prepare for The Masters.

This is the first I’ve heard someone throw out the Tavistock Cup — which takes place March 22-23 at Isleworth Country Club (and inside the gates where the car “crash” went down). While TMZ has been the number-one source for Tiger scandal-related news (or gossip), I’m skeptical.

But perhaps he’s attempting to make amends with the Isleworth community to draw some positive attention there. Surely the residents would be thrilled to have even more paparazzi try to sneak on the grounds. On the upside, it is a small event and tickets are only available to members of Isleworth and Lake Nona, tournament sponsors, and VIP guests — all of whom would strictly respect the “no ropes structure.” Plus, the timing coincides with the week of the Bay Hill Invitational, the event where, many predicted, Tiger would stage his comeback.

So I guess it’s as good a guess as any.