When Johnny Speaks, He Speaks His Mind
By Stephanie Wei under General

Apparently NBC didn’t make any suggestions to its commentators a la CBS, or it was just Johnny Miller being Johnny Miller — you know, outspoken, brusque and kind of annoying. Johnny made his first national television appearance of the new season on Saturday, and when host Dan Hicks asked him for his opinion on the whole Tiger Woods saga, Johnny, of course, had one. Prepare to type angry responses.

Couple of things for sure. He’s damaged the game of golf. It’s been hurtful. He’s lost a lot of respect and his integrity is pretty shattered right now. And more importantly he’s injured his marriage and his family…President Obama did say something. He said `I’m a strong believer that anybody can look within himself, find their flaws and fix them.’ I hope Tiger, I’m sure he’s heard that, knows he has a heck of a road to hoe to get that respect and integrity back and build the game back up again.

To say “damaged the game of golf” is a little strong — perhaps he meant “Tour golf.” Otherwise he’s claiming Tiger is bigger than golf, a point that some have furiously rebuked. Oh wait, he did:

He’s become almost bigger than golf, Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine type of thing. He’s going to have to face the music and show he has done anything he can to repair his marriage and have some genuine sorrow in his voice and feeling from the heart to show he can change and make his life better.

Now I don’t think Tiger will be granting Johnny that coveted first interview. But we can be thankful he didn’t proselytize the Church of Latter Day Saints to Tiger.