John Daly Clarifies He Was Just Being John Daly
By Stephanie Wei under General

On Wednesday John Daly called into the Golf Channel’s Grey Goose 19th Hole show to once again explain he never intended to retire:

I guess [Golf Channel producer] Al [Pollack’s] boss was on his rear to do an interview. I hate talking to anyone — whether I play good or bad. When you play good or bad, your adrenaline is so high, you just want to be left alone for 30 to 40 minutes unless you won a tournament or something like that…I really didn’t want to talk to Al, but he said I had to. It just ended up being a disaster.

So you see, it’s the GC’s fault! As a former competitive golfer, I understand the reluctance to speak to people after a round, especially when my game was struggling. Anyone who has played golf can relate. But it’s arguably part of Daly’s job to talk with reporters, particularly since he has a reality show with that network, which is giving him good publicity and a paycheck. Plus, he ultimately has control over what he says — or doesn’t say.

There are those cliches (I’m sorry, I hate them, too) that go something like, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and “Don’t kill the messenger.”