Come Watch Me Stammer at the NY Social Media Sports Event
By Stephanie Wei under General

If you’re free on Wednesday evening and live in NYC, drop by the Social Media Week panel, “A Shaq to the System: Tebow, Tiger and the New Online Realities of Sports Journalism.” It’ll be hosted by esteemed web-presence Dan Shanoff and features New York Magazine contributing editor and Deadspin.com founder Will Leitch, National Sports Journalism Center columnist Jason Fry, ESPN the Magazine reporter/writer Amy Nelson, and yours truly.

*When: Wednesday, February 3rd, 4:30pm-6:00pm (followed by happy hour)

*Where: Destination Bar, 211 Avenue A (at 13th street)

*What: The world of sports used to be ruled by the calendar – game dates, tournaments, TV events, with the odd DUI thrown in. Now a story breaks and before you can say “ESPN” it’s all over Twitter and there’s a Taiwanese CGI video dramatization in your inbox. Shaq took Twitter by storm a year and a half ago, leading a charge that led to various benched players and Mark Cuban getting massive fines; the sordid tale of Tiger Woods turned the carefully-controlled golf media on its head as every other form of media rudely muscled in; and according to Google Zeitgeist, the Bible is now “Volcanic” in its hotness thanks to Tim Tebow. Meanwhile ESPN thinks they can muzzle the Sports Guy even as Deadspin is clearing out their tipbox. What is going ON? Fortunately for sports media, a lot – and no one is better to tell you about it than the people on this panel.

*Double-bonus: Happy hour drinks after the lively panel discussion — $3 well drinks, beers and Jell-O shots. (Feel free to just join for the boozing portion of the program.)

Apparently it’s sold-out — which just means 75 people have RSVP’d — but I’m assuming at least, like, half those eager individuals won’t show. That said, I’m sure it won’t be a trouble getting past “the list.” But if for some strange reason it turns out to be a problem, I invite you to yell at me.

Hope to see you there. If anything, come for the $3 Jell-O shots.