Anthony Kim Shows Jessica Alba How to "Stroke It" on the Jay Leno Show
By Stephanie Wei under General

On Monday Anthony Kim appeared on The Jay Leno Show to play putt-putt golf with Jessica Alba, who is a “natural” at golf, so she says.

When Leno revealed that AK would be her opponent in a putting contest, Alba was overwhelmed with excitement. “My husband is going to be so jealous,” she screeched.

Decked in Nike golf gear, AK first gave her some tips, emphasizing, “All you want to do is stroke it.”

/audience and Alba burst out laughing like it’s the funniest thing in the world.

/me rolling my eyes

I don’t find Leno funny, nor am I a fan (Team CoCo 4eva!), but it’s worth checking out to see the “little putting green they put together.” Plus, AK did a good job — it’s not his fault the segment was lame.

Fast forward to about the 4:15 mark.

[h/t Mr. Bacon]