Bubba Effectively Pleads His Way Onto The Ellen Show
By Stephanie Wei under General

Apparently Bubba Watson’s persistent tactics to land a guest spot on The Ellen Show have paid off.

Over the past few weeks, he’s made it very clear he’s a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres through an outpouring of Twitter updates and videos posts dedicated to her (like the one above), which profess his love for her and explain why he should appear on her show.

Well, his abundance of tweets @theellenshow successfully got the attention of one of the program’s producers. As it happened, Ellen’s people contacted Bubba’s people and the show agreed to have Bubba make an appearance next Tuesday, February 2nd.

So you see, sometimes being pesky actually works, or perhaps perseverance is the better word. As to what he’ll do on the show, he said, “Wing it, I guess.” Knowing Bubba, he’ll be willing to take some risks — notwithstanding last Sunday at the Bob Hope Classic, where his erroneous decision to layup on the 14th hole may have cost him the win.