Tiger Still Top Powerful Athlete — For Now
By Stephanie Wei under General

Bloomberg BusinessWeek unveiled its list of most powerful athletes, and whaddayaknow, Tiger Woods ranked first.

Interestingly enough, the report proclaimed, “In today’s sports world, power is about more than speed and strength. It’s also about how to sell” and defines power as “the earning potential of athletes, owners, agents, communities and brands, ranging from breakfast cereal to beer.”

The kajillions Tiger received from companies to serve as their ambassador, thanks to that choir boy image he duped us all into believing, were a major reason why his multiple dalliances became front-page news for more than a month. As we’ve seen from the fallout with endorsers, there was big money on the line, which companies like Accenture forfeited when it was forced to drop him.

The study also pointed out Tiger’s power ranking would have suffered had he announced his “transgressions” and subsequent indefinite leave from golf before December 11. Well, duh.

[Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]