Best Dumbest Golf Gadget: Rope It
By Stephanie Wei under General

There are a lot of useless golf-related inventions geared to attract golf geeks. Every week or so I’ll feature one that seems ridiculously pointless and absurd. If you come across one, please e-mail (steph.wei@gmail.com) it to me. You know you’ve seen them. Perhaps you even own one. Or two. Or five.

Today…Rope It. This training aid is a practical way for golfers of all skill levels to improve their game. The device allows you to hit full swing shots with a real ball in your backyard. Other neat features:

  • The ball flies 20 yards, so you can visualize shot direction.
  • Setup is convenient, takes only a few minutes and is easily transportable.
  • Quick and easy so golfers can practice according to their schedule when it is convenient for them.
  • Turn your backyard into your very own personal driving range.

I reckon if you have some sort of open space (large parking lot) at your office, you could get a brisk practice sesh in during lunch or a “coffee break.” Now I don’t have a backyard in NYC and my apartment is probably smaller than your living room. BUT I bet I could swing it on my roof (putting myself at risk of eviction).

My only real concern is the hazardous possibility of the rope kicking back with the ball and getting smacked in the face, head or other sensitive areas (particularly for the XY sex). Perhaps that’s why the website’s instructions include the disclaimer in bolded large text: “WARNING. Read Instructions before use. Failure to follow may result in serious injury. Use at your own risk.” It’s also advised to keep it away from small children. Comforting.

But hey, working on your golf game involves severe sacrifices.

/filling out online order form.

Take a gander at the demo video: