So It Was Some Other Black Dude After All…?
By Stephanie Wei under General

Apparently the man in National Enquirer’s “world exclusive first photos” of Tiger Woods in sex rehab might not have been him (shocking). X17online.com posted pictures of a Tiger doppelganger on Friday outside of Pine Grove Gentle Path rehabilitation center in Mississippi. An X17 photographer on the scene reported:

All the media outside the rehab center ran to follow this guy coming out of the building. We all knew this was the same guy that had been identified as Tiger. He had the same sweathshirt, the same baseball cap – everything. Then, we finally got a good look at his face and all the photographers looked at each other and said, ‘That’s not him!’ We all took off.

Whoops! Hope the Enquirer is refunded the hefty sum it likely paid for the photos. But wait — the Enquirer is now saying it was actually Tiger and the lookalike was a cover-up attempt:

The bizarre and ridiculous ruse was a clear attempt to make it look like The ENQUIRER’s exclusive photo of Tiger in rehab is not him.

And even though one photo agency Web site fell for it immediately, the differences between the two Tigers ARE obvious to even a casual observer.

Tiger’s stand-in was paraded in front of a swarm of photographers and he was wearing EXACTLY the same clothing as the real Tiger when we photographed him days ago.

The report goes on detailing the differences between “Fake Tiger” and “Real Tiger.” You know, like how the impostor wears his socks much higher than Tiger, who only wears ankle socks, not only in the Enquirer photo but regularly.

The analysis is ridiculous, but it is suspicious that the “Fake Tiger” is wearing the same clothes from two days ago — including a Stanford hat — unless that’s just his workout outfit. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lookalike was sent in as a decoy. But who knows — the grainy quality of the “first photos” make it impossible to determine whether it’s Tiger for sure.

However, at least a handful of media outlets have independently confirmed Tiger is in fact receiving treatment at the clinic.