Newly Released FHP Tapes: Trooper Concluded Tiger Wasn’t Intoxicated Without Ever Seeing Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under General

The Florida Highway Patrol released telephone recordings from the night of Tiger’s infamous November 27 car accident, which appear to suggest Tiger hadn’t been driving under the influence. According to WKMG Orlando, the FHP told the television station back in November that the investigating trooper, Josh Evans, responded to the scene of the accident after Tiger had already been transported to Health Center hospital and was denied access to see him face-to-face.

At 6:11AM Evans told the dispatcher Tiger had “minor injuries.” When the dispatcher asked, “Was he, uh, doing something he shouldn’t have been doing to cause it?” Evans replied, “No, he’s, he’s, he’s good.” But how did he know for certain had he not seen Tiger? And why the stutter?

So, it all continues to make so much sense. The tapes really don’t reveal much — just the beleaguered acting shift commander, Sgt. Jeffery Holmes, complaining about “all hell breaking lose” on the one night he’s in charge and the dispatcher comforting him, saying “It is all under control. It’s just a crash, car versus a tree. No one’s dead.”

And a fire hydrant. And a golf club. And it killed his perfect image.

The tape ends with Evans making a crack about Tiger being a bad driver. I wonder if he had any idea that was only the beginning.