Bubba Watson Would Really Like Ellen DeGeneres’ Attention
By Stephanie Wei under General

Brace your ears before you play the video.

Apparently Bubba Watson really wants to make an appearance on The Ellen Show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. So much that he posted a video of himself singing happy birthday to her and tweeted the link along with this: “Hey @theellenshow Ellen this is your best birthday present ever!! PleaseRT #urwelcome.”

Bubba told PGATour.com’s Brian Wacker, “I’ve always liked her show and think she’s funny, just hilarious.” He’s even tweeted to her that he would like to be a guest: “Hey @theellenshow I don’t know how but one day I am going to be on your show! PleaseRT #ellenshow #urwelcome.” He’s persistent, too — another tweet later in the day: “Hey @theellenshow I want to come on the show and give u golf lessons!! #theellenshowneedsbubbawatson pleaseRT.”

Good luck with that.