Tiger Woods or Some Black Dude?
By Stephanie Wei under General

Tiger, who has eluded public view since his early morning post-Thanksgiving car “crash,” apparently has been spotted. Radaronline.com has posted what it’s calling “exclusive first photos of Tiger Woods” at a sex rehab in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, taken by The National Enquirer, which broke the story that started this whole sex scandal.

The grainy quality of the pictures make it difficult to discern whether it’s actually Tiger or just a scruffy-faced black guy in a hooded sweatshirt. But Radar says an eyewitness confirmed the man in the photo is indeed Tiger, proclaiming “while he was bundled up, the golfer was recognizable in person.” (Let me guess — the “eyewitness” is the photographer.)

As many media outlets have reported, including Radar and an NBC affiliate, Tiger checked into the Gentle Path program at Pine Grove for sexual compulsive behavior last week. NYT writer and Deadspin columnist Benoit Denizet-Lewis, who spent time at the facility for research, added some legitimacy to the report with his blog post (which has now been removed and replaced with this statement), citing a source had confirmed it.

Take the photos for what they’re worth, but the tabloids have been right enough times with this story…to see larger versions of the blurry pictures, go to Radar.