Tiger Reportedly De-Sexing in Mississippi Clinic
By Stephanie Wei under General

First, it was rumored that Tiger Woods was receiving treatment at the Meadowlands Clinic in Arizona. Then, he was allegedly in a rehab facility in South Africa. Now, sources claim he’s at Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

It’s very possible this is just another rumor. But several media outlets in Mississippi were confirming the claim, citing sources from inside the clinic. The Guardian’s Lawrence Donegan reports:

A spokeswomen for the clinic declined to comment on Woods last night, and the sheriff’s office in Hattiesburg refused to confirm or deny reports that local police had stepped up security at the clinic following the arrival of a new celebrity patient.

However, WJTV television news in Jackson, Mississippi, reported that employees and visitors at the clinic have confirmed to its reporters that Woods is there. Meanwhile, one eyewitness said she saw Woods arriving at the Hattiesburg-Bobby L. Chain Municipal Airport on Monday night.

“He didn’t look happy or sad, just straight,” student Adrian Smith said. “He looked around and got in the driver’s seat. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He just walked around the car and got in. He sat there for a few seconds, then just drove off. His luggage was already in the car.”

Last night Chris Williams of WJTV reported on location:

There’s definitely something going on here…I walked in and asked one of the administrators do they simply treat sex addition here. She immediately said, “We cannot confirm or deny our patient.” I said I didn’t ask about a patient. I just asked do you treat sex addiction. She said, “We can’t give out that information.” The moment I left they all called a meeting and huddled into an office.

According to Pine Grove’s website, they offer something called “Facing the Shadow,” a five-day workshop designed for people grappling with sexual compulsivity, which involves education and group therapy. The objectives include “Reduce shame, Understand disclosure, Limit the damage from your behavior, Face coupleship and family issues, Do your recovery work in a safe environment that ensures confidentiality and anonymity, Explore root cause of addiction — Trauma, and Identify ungrieved losses.” They also have an anger management program.

Meanwhile, Donegan noted in a tweet: “According to YELP there is a golf course 2 miles from addiction clinic Mississippi. Timberton GC. green fees – $59. $69 at weekends.” And there’s more: “Things def looking up for Tiger. Note from Timberton GC website ‘Fivesomes – Greatly restricted and reserved for members.’”

See, it all makes sense! Except imagining Tiger humble himself in group therapy. But if he is, he’s probably abiding by one of Elin’s conditions to save their marriage.