Russell Simmons Might Be the Latest Perpetrator to Start False Tiger-Related Rumor [*UPDATE]
By Stephanie Wei under General

Apparently Russell Simmons was misinformed when he announced to his 296,000 Twitter followers and told the New York Daily News that Tiger Woods was “considering” a $3 million donation to the Haiti Quake relief efforts. In fact, Tiger’s people — at least Greg McLaughlin, the President of the Tiger Woods Foundation — hasn’t even received information from Simmons.

Now the $3 million donation has turned into assessing “the most appropriate role” to help the Haitian people:

“Our plan is be part of the relief effort to help rebuild Haiti by supporting organizations that provide critical resources to young people, which is consistent with our mission and previous efforts regarding Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 tsunami,” McLaughlin said in a statement.

Tiger’s foundation contributed $100,000 to the tsunami relief efforts through Give2Asia. It also gave $200,000 to Baton Rouge Foundation to set up a Hurricane Katrina educational fund. So, perhaps the number Simmons presented was a rather high estimate — though the foundation’s previous donations were undoubtedly very generous.

But I must ask, why doesn’t Tiger just chip in from his own pocket, too? Maybe he has.

On Friday Uncle Rush followed up with another tweet about Tiger’s rumored donation: “Sorry about blowing up tigers “anonymous gift” such a sweet gesture. People have cared so much about other”secrets” this is inspiring?”

That seems to imply Tiger indeed donated, but wanted to keep it hush-hush — which sounds Tiger-like.

Along with his charitable gift, it wouldn’t hurt to consider taking Jason Whitlock’s advice and personally going down to Haiti to assist the relief (or maybe that’s just asking for too much?). Well, that is, if Tiger’s not at a Mississippi sex addiction clinic, where he’s reportedly been spotted.

Update: Russell Simmons apologized for his hasty tweet and told TMZ: “Yesterday, I tweeted that Tiger Woods was contributing in a major way. My source for the tweet was premature, however, I strongly and passionately urge everyone with reach and means to act NOW as speed is everything to saving the lives of people in desperate need.”