Best Dumbest Golf Gadget: Big Daddy Driver
By Stephanie Wei under General

There are a lot of useless golf-related inventions geared to attract golf geeks. Each week I’ll feature one that seems ridiculously pointless and absurd. If you come across one, please e-mail (steph.wei@gmail.com) it to me. You know you’ve seen them. Perhaps you even own one. Or two. Or five.

Today…the Big Daddy Driver. This novelty golf club morphs into a battery-powered weed whacker, created for laughs during a frustrating round on the course. Turns out it’s also a good gift:

What do you get the golfer who has everything? Golf balls or a new glove – Boring!

With the Big Daddy Driver, he’ll totally crack up laughing when he figures out it’s actually a Weed Whacker and then when he takes it out on the golf course he’ll have all his buddies rolling around laughing hysterically.

So, you know, when you’re stuck in the rough, just break out the Big Daddy Driver and cut down the tall grass to make a preferred lie. Instant hilarity!

See how it works:

If only it were permitted during tournaments…but a great gimmick, no less.