Hey Roger, It’s Tiger…
By Stephanie Wei under General

Talking with French sports paper L’Equipe, the tennis great revealed he had chatted on the phone with Gillette commercial co-star and text buddy Tiger Woods and offered his thoughts on Tiger’s scandal-ridden situation:

The tabloids are going crazy, sponsor contracts are falling apart. I’ve always been aware that the image you patiently construct for an entire career can be ruined in a minute. It scares you a bit, but that’s the way things are…Tiger needs calm. And soon he’ll become the wonderful golfer that we know again.

So, Federer suggests Tiger needs some time away from the public spotlight to regroup — basically what he’s doing (hiding). But like many others have assumed, he will return to competition sooner rather than later (has anyone else heard something about San Diego?).

Federer is the first public figure to disclose he’s been in touch with Tiger since the scandal broke. I wonder how Charles Barkley, who has expressed hurt feelings, feels about this. Probably sad.