Jesper Parnevik Doesn’t Get Baited Into Bad-Mouthing Tiger Woods Again
By Stephanie Wei under General

Back in December, a protective Jesper Parnevik suggested Elin Nordegren Woods clobber her husband with a driver instead of a 3-iron (or 9-iron depending on which version of the “real” story you believe).

Understandably, Parnevik made the provocative comments in defense of Elin, his former nanny who he introduced to Tiger.

On Tuesday he said that while he’s received fan mail commending his honesty, he’s keeping quiet now. Sort of:

“I’ve kind of stayed out of it,” he said at the Sony Open, his first tournament of the year. ”It’s better that people don’t approach me if I don’t know anything. That way I don’t say anything that I shouldn’t have. Like if she told me something and I let it slip out. It’s better that I don’t know, so I can say, ‘I don’t know.’

“I have an idea through my wife,” Parnevik said. ”But I don’t want to be the one who says something wrong.”

Asked if he thought Woods could stay married, Parnevik smiled and said, “That’s what I mean. I can’t say.”

Translation: He knows the status of the Woods marriage, but doesn’t want to be blamed for leaking any insider information.

Parnevik was also asked what would happen if he saw Tiger in the locker room:

“Of course, we’re going to have to chat. Obviously, we’re going to have to compete against each other.”

Naturally. I’m sure that will be pleasant. And I’m sure the PGA Tour will not do everything in its power to delay the encounter. But when (or if) it does — it has the potential to be more interesting than a Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather showdown. Get your (video) cameras ready.