Faux Gatorade Labels Spotlight "Unfaithful" Tiger [*Update]
By Stephanie Wei under General

In December Gatorade announced it was discontinuing the “Gatorade Tiger Focus” drink, but claimed it had nothing to do with the recent scandalous revelations surrounding Tiger Woods.

This past weekend it was reported that Denver-area shoppers found bootleg bottles of a Gatorade drink with labels that have the word “Unfaithful” and a photograph of Tiger and his wife, Elin Nordegren Woods.

A Gatorade spokesperson said on Monday that the labels were bogus, but wouldn’t comment whether the drink contained real Gatorade.

According to Colorado’s 9News.com:

Each bottle seen by 9NEWS has a handwritten number on the bottom, indicating it is one of 100 made. The scribbling also includes a sort of signature, a letter surrounded by a circle.

Sounds like the work of graffiti artists. Or just some wannabe prankster. It had to have been an inside job, though, right?

Now if you come across these bottles, I’d stock up (and send one to me) — I have a feeling you can make a decent profit selling them on some website called eBay. But I would probably avoid tasting the mysterious orange-colored liquid.

Update: There are actually 1,000 bottles in circulation from Longmont to Denver. The hand-numbered ones are just the “collector’s” edition.