Stewart Cink: PGA Tour Players Need to Stop Being So Boring
By Stephanie Wei under General

Rich Lerner chatted with Stewart Cink at the SBS Championship. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What would you like to see happen in the next few months that would help to move the PGA Tour in a positive direction while Tiger’s gone?

I would just like for some of the personalities on the PGA Tour to come out and to be shown to the people that want to see golf. Fans out there like to see golf shots but they also want to know the golfers and it’s hard for the personalities to come through the cameras into the living rooms. It just doesn’t always translate because 95 percent of us play better golf when we keep everything bottled in emotionally.

I hear from fans quite a bit that players are robots. Where are the Lee Trevinos and Chi Chi Rodriguezes? Is that fair?

Yeah because you know it’s a lot deeper out here than it ever was so to be successful it takes a certain level of seriousness to be honest. It’s a rare player that can show his emotions and still retain that focus level. So that’s our responsibility to sort of loosen up a little bit.

I couldn’t agree more. They should start bringing guns and pointing them at each other in the locker room. (Kidding.) But yeah, where are the Lee Trevinos and Chi Chis? Or are most golfers really just dull? I’d like to think some have better personalities than it seems.

[Photo via Stewart Cink’s Twitpic]