Get Outta My Office and Into My Car
By Stephanie Wei under General

Naturally Tiger Woods has people and companies set up to manage his kajillions of dollars. Formed in 1996, the year he turned professional, ETW Corp. is one such entity. The registrants listed in the company’s public documents include Tiger, his mother Kultida, childhood best buddy Bryon Bell, personal travel assistant Kathyrn Battaglia, advisor Christopher Hubman, Stephanie Kirik and Rita Scacchia.

Created more recently in April 2009, GTW Corp. is another one of Tiger’s companies with the same set of individuals involved as ETW. According to the filing, GTW’s purpose is “to engage in any act or activity for which corporations may be formed under the Florida Business Corporation Act.”

Yes, it’s vague, but according to a legal expert, the documents contain the standard legal-speak — nothing nefarious or unusual can be inferred from the available records.

Now as you may recall, Tiger met Mindy Lawton aka Alleged Mistress Number Five aka pancake waitress at a Perkins eatery near his Orlando home. She sold her salacious story to News of the World, which falls under the “I Can’t Even Read This Because I Can’t Stop Cringing” category. And according to the Wall Street Journal, a National Enquirer photographer snapped grainy photos of Tiger and Lawton in his car next to a seemingly empty church parking lot, which led to a cover-up and Tiger appearing on the cover of Men’s Fitness August 2007 issue.

Interestingly enough, the registered address for both ETW Corp. and GTW Corp. is 8934 Conroy Windermere Road, Orlando, FL, which happens to be right across the street from a Perkins. Perhaps it’s the same Perkins that Tiger and Elin Nordegren Woods frequented where Tiger first spotted Lawton. Oh, there’s a middle school with a spacious parking lot practically next door to the offices, too.

Waggle Room’s Ryan Ballengee contributed to this post.

[Photo of Mindy Lawton via NOTW]