Giveaway: iSwing, First Ever Golf Swing Analyzer App
By Stephanie Wei under General

The iSwing 2.0 is now available for the iPhone. The app lets you record your golf swing and analyze glitches by drawing lines over the screen to make sure you’re “on-plane.” Also, you can replay your swing frame-by-frame and in slow motion. It creates fancy sequence photos like the ones in the major golf publications — you can even share them with friends via the built-in Facebook and Email. Woohoo!

Other functions include:

  • Motion Echo Playback
  • Recording Timer, 4 & 8 Sec.
  • Touch-Screen Drawing
  • Guide Brackets
  • Pause Button
  • Repeated Playback
  • Change Playback Speed
  • Private Storage of Swings (Diary)

The iSwing normally sells for $9.99. But keeping in the holiday spirit (because they passed too quickly), the creators would like to gift three readers with free promo codes. To win, just drop a brief comment below, explaining why you want/deserve it (or just something creative). I’ll notify the lucky winners by the end of the week, so please include your email address.

One last thing — you should probably own an iPhone.