Latest Report: Trump’ed Up Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under General

An unusually skeptical TMZ is reporting that Tiger Woods is hunkered down at the Trump International Hotel in New York City, where a mob of paparazzi has gathered in hopes of snapping the first pictures of Tiger. He allegedly arrived on New Year’s Day and locked down an entire floor with his own security detail. A source also claimed he secured the gym from 4:00-6:00 AM on Sunday.

But here’s where the story gets sketchy:

Tiger has allegedly been seen going in and out of the hotel with a leggy blonde. He also, allegedly, ordered up 20 bottles of vodka and 15 cases of Red Bull to his hotel room … after two more women showed up to his room.

While the latter is probably embellished, there’s a slight chance Tiger is in NYC — if any of the flight detail information that every amateur online investigator seems to be interested in is accurate. Interestingly enough, a jet with the tail number N426QS registered to ETW Corp., a company that manages Tiger’s money, traveled from Palm Beach, FL, to LaGuardia International Airport in NYC on January 1. A few weeks ago, it was thrown around that Tiger was in Palm Beach, where his yacht is docked, and planned to set sail to the Bahamas for Christmas. But, like most Tiger-related gossip, it turned out to be a rumor. Also, a second jet with the tail number N517QS is registered to another one of Tiger’s companies, GTW Corp., but the tracking information is blocked. So yeah, it’s all very, very circumstantial. Again, like everything else.

Now we await photographic evidence — wherever he is. How much would that first picture be worth? Six figures at least?

[Photo on left via/on right by Scott Barbour/Getty Image]