New Details Disclosed by the Florida Highway Patrol Make the Tiger Scandal More Baffling
By Stephanie Wei under General

Apparently the whole Tiger Woods accident story hoax, which the 92-year-old retired columnist Furman Bisher (or Busher according to the WESH) innocently posted, has triggered the unearthing of new information from the Florida Highway Patrol. WESH Orlando reports:

The Florida Highway Patrol met with Tiger Woods in Orlando three days after his crash in Isleworth and said he only had “a fat lip,” FHP told WESH 2 exclusively on Wednesday.

FHP spokeswoman Kim Montes said Woods met with troopers at an undisclosed location on Dec. 1 to deliver his ticket and see if Woods had any injuries that might not be consistent with his traffic accident.

Montes said troopers only noted “a fat lip” and no other facial injuries — and no reason to believe he was the victim of domestic violence.This would appear to refute a report first published by an Atlanta sportswriter indicating Woods had been struck with a golf club by his wife, Elin, and had a gash in his face that required him flying to Phoenix for plastic surgery. Woods agent has denied that account.

On the day Tiger Woods was issued and signed a traffic ticket for careless driving, the Florida Highway Patrol confirms two captains and a trooper met in person with Woods and his attorney Mark NeJame.

Montes added the meeting took place at an “undisclosed location,” but specified it was in “Orlando,” and “they were looking for evidence of injuries not consistent with the traffic accident outside his Windermere home.” Oh, Tiger was also “polite” and said “yes sir.”

Now why are we only learning about this now? The WESH claimed it’s because the FHP is frustrated about the false reports regarding Tiger’s alleged injuries. Clearly!

Remember the press conference the FHP held? The one where a spokesperson gallantly proclaimed that Tiger didn’t receive special treatment because of his celebrity status. She also said the FHP would not make any further statement to the matter.

With the timing of this previously concealed information, it appears as if the FHP is complicit in the poorly orchestrated cover-up led by Tiger’s handlers. Perhaps a deal was struck to keep it quiet, but after The Bish published the “inside scoop” on his blog, it led to a firestorm of new rumors after mainstream sites picked it up, which the FHP is attempting to dispel. Too bad it only raises more questions than answers and reignites suspicions as to what else they might be hiding. Another botched PR move by all parties — allegedly, of course.

As for The Bish, he followed up with an explanation today, saying how he naively posted the email message to “forward it” to his small group of friends who read his personal blog. He’s also very grumpy that he unwittingly made big news:

Since I retired from daily columning, I simply like to write a few things now and then, and stay in touch with friends, and pass on information from trusted sources. Anybody else who got it is an intruder, no friend of mine. God knows, how 43,000+ people who have nothing to do but peep in on such an insignificant website as mine irritates me.

That, I suppose, illustrates my electronic illiteracy. But, if you are among the offended, then stay off my website. It’s for friends only.

The Bish learned his lesson…kinda.