The Legitimacy Behind the Tiger Woods Accident Story Hoax [*UPDATE]
By Stephanie Wei under General

By now, most of you have already received an email from a friend whose brother-in-law’s second cousin is a member at Isleworth with the “inside scoop” on what “actually” happened between Elin and Tiger on the night after Thanksgiving. Or, you’ve read it elsewhere. For good measure, here it is:

I have a Member who lives 10 houses down from Tiger in Isleworth. As we know Tiger’s agent is Mark Steinberg. My Member plays golf and is real good friends with another IMG Agent; who is very good friends with Steinberg and they share the same office. This information came from the other IMG Agent to my Member, and then to me today, and according to them is up to date as yesterday when my Member left Orlando.

On Thanksgiving Day, after he and Elin and the family had turkey dinner, he spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch watching football and texting Rachel. After each received and sent text message he would clear his message box to rid himself of the evidence. Sometime in between there, one of his Orlando buds called him to see if he wanted to get together at the Clubhouse to play poker with the guys, to which Tiger said yes. Tiger left the house around 7:30 to go play poker, and left behind his cell phone….and one message he had forgot to delete from Rachel.

When Tiger returned home around 11:30 -12 that night, Elin confronted him about the text message in the phone, and the started a heated discussion to its regards. According to what I was told, there was more “incriminating evidence” than just the text message (i.e. photos). Tiger tried to play it off to Elin by telling her she was reading too much in to it, and did not know the story, etc. Tiger went upstairs to change into his gym shorts and t – shirt, came back down, and Elin confronted him again; to which Tiger gave the same story. Tiger sat down in a chair in the living room, and Elin sat across from him urging Tiger to just come clean. Tiger stayed to his guns and denied everything. At one point Tiger turned away to look at the TV, and as he turned back, Elin hit him on the right side of the face with the head of a 9 – iron. When she struck Tiger, she put a huge gash in the right side of his face next to his nose (causing his nose to bruise some), and virtually knocking two of his upper teeth out, and breaking the bone on the upper right side. Tiger ran scared as hell out of the house (which is why he had on no shoes) with Elin swinging the golf club throughout the hallway to the garage (i.e. causing the severe damage which has been reported). Tiger hoped in the Escalade and tried to leave; and as we know Elin knocked out the windows in the Escalade. When Tiger crashed, Elin panicked and was not sure what to tell the police (which is why there are two conflicting stories from her). When this happened, Elin immediately called Mark Steinberg to tell him what happened, and Mark told Elin to tell him what hospital they were going to, and he would meet them there.

Tiger is transported to the hospital with Elin in the ambulance, and as they arrive Mark is there waiting for them. The people from the hospital and the doctors take Tiger in for X-Rays etc to check out the damage caused. The doctors tell Mark there is not much they can do to repair the teeth and the gash, but the doctor knows a cosmetic dentist and plastic surgeon in Phoenix who will make Tiger look as if nothing happened. Tiger tells Mark to get the jet ready and let’s head to Phoenix to get this done. Friday after Tiger is released from the hospital, he does not return home; he and Mark board the plane for Phoenix. If you remember FHP kept showing up at Isleworth to talk to Tiger, and was told by another FL attorney (who Tiger hired for PR reasons) Tiger was not ready to talk. Well now we know why, he was in Phoenix, and did not arrive back in Orlando until either late last Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. The surgeries were more intense than what they had originally planned, which meant Tiger was in PHX longer than he should have been. Upon arriving back in Orlando, Tiger and Elin have been in intense marriage counseling sessions (up to 6 to 7 hours a day) every day! Both Tiger and Elin have told the counselors they love each other, and want to make the marriage work. The reports you are reading on TMZ and RadarOnline are about 30% accurate at best according to Mark.

In regards to Tiger’s boat being in Palm Beach this week, along with Rachel; that part is true. However, Tiger is not on the boat, and is not in Palm Beach; and Rachel is not on the boat. Her parents live 6 blocks from where the boat is, but that is it. Tiger has not returned to his house at Isleworth since the day of the accident except for the therapy sessions. IMG has enlisted the assistance of one of its most recognized sports figures, and Tiger has taken up residence in his neighborhood, Bay Hill. IMG contacted Arnold Palmer because of the high regard in which Tiger holds Arnold. Arnold has agreed, and IMG has said if anyone can get through to Tiger, Arnold may be the only person who can, based on his public persona when he was at the height of his game as well. The moving trucks being shown on TMZ and RadarOnline are moving out pictures and furniture which was damaged during their Thanksgiving Day argument; not of her moving out. Yes, Elin has retained a divorce attorney, but has not filed any papers, and as of yesterday had no intention on doing so. Tiger has not made any public appearances or statements due to the surgery and plastic surgery he had in PHX. It will be about another month if not more before he gets in front of a camera. Yes, Tiger is hitting golf balls late at night at Bay Hill out of their teaching center (which is equipped with lights).

That is as up to date as I have……..

The first email I received with the “real story” came on December 22nd. Then came five more in the next few days. The 29th one I got was from a friend this morning with this additional detail:

This is pretty close to what I’ve heard from some guys at Whisper Rock….By the way, the “buddies” he was playing poker with was Mark O’Meara  and John Cook @ O’Meara’s house…

When I initially read the account, I thought it was interesting, but I assumed it was a hoax. Unless I’m personally hearing it from Tiger, Elin or Mark Steinberg, or someone who can prove it isn’t total BS, then color me skeptical. Even if it makes total sense.

And now, retired sports columnist Furman Bisher posted it on his blog with the foreword:

The following is a legitimate message I received from a trustworthy journalist I have known for years. It’s the Tiger-Elin incident finally put into reliable form, and I send along for no purpose other than to present the picture in its clearest form.

Well, I also received it from a trustworthy journalist, but neither of us took it too seriously. Instead, we’ve preferred to gossip about the other tidbits we’ve accumulated from other “reliable” sources.

Like this one: A few weeks ago, an industry insider told me another account, which came from a “high-level PGA Tour rep.” In short, Tiger was in bed, drugged up on Ambien and Vicotin when Elin intercepted a text message that said, “Love you, baby.” She flipped out and started bashing a half-asleep Tiger in the face with his phone. He ran out to his car and locked the doors and she bashed the windows with a golf club in the garage. As he tried to getaway, she chased after him and ran in front of the car. He veered to avoid hitting her, which caused him to lose control and ping-ponged into the bushes, fire hydrant and tree.

Another writer added that as Tiger left the house, neighbors allegedly heard him yell, “Thanks for ruining Thanksgiving!”

So, yeah. My thought is, we’ll never know what truly went down that night — the only people who do are Tiger and Elin. And when the “inside scoop” virtually becomes a chain letter, that screams red flag (and Deadspin agrees).

But thanks to Mr. Bisher, people are taking the most widely emailed conspiracy theory for face value. You know, because he’s a longtime member of the mainstream media, of course it must be valid. Even FanHouse and the Daily Mail have picked it up! And so has Perez Hilton!

I’ll only believe this “real story” once TMZ confirms it.

*Update: The story originated on a forum at GolfWRX on December 21. Apparently member “etsix” aka Member No.: 22,617 aka Ebay ID: erich3635 from Marietta, GA, is the friend of a friend of the insider who got the “scoop.” Please step forward if you know the real identity of this person — I’d love to speak to him/her.