Happy Holidays: How a Real NYC Golfer Plays in the Snow
By Stephanie Wei under General

This photo comes from Katie Bakes. As she was walking home in Soho on Christmas Eve, she saw this spirited person hitting juice boxes (in lieu of golf balls) into some building. He couldn’t swing correctly for the life of him, she says. When the dude almost hit a homeless person with a long white beard, a street vendor emphatically declared, “You almost hit Santa!”

I want some of whatever they’re drinking and I wish I would have hit snowballs off my roof.

Before I jet off to Seattle for Christmas, here are excerpts from two articles I enjoyed reading earlier this week. First, Sally Jenkins’s column — one of the best I’ve read in the past month of craziness — where she gives Tiger some advice:

There are a lot of questions surrounding Woods at the moment, from how many women to how long his indefinite leave from golf will last, but most of them are just side issues. The question that really matters, the pressing one, is this: When will Woods become a man? “Let’s please give the kid a break,” said Mark Steinberg, Woods’s agent, recently. Now, Steinberg is a nice guy who obviously cares about Woods. But his client is about to turn 34 years old…

…Woods himself has invoked “privacy” time and again in his carefully crafted statements. But he and his overprotective pals are trying to sell us secrecy as privacy. He has a right to privacy, but what he did was lead a secret life, and that’s what the tabloids are preying on so relentlessly. A violation of privacy is merely embarrassing. It’s the violation of his secrecy that’s destroyed his public persona. Big difference. The reason the story has been so engulfing is because of the sheer size of the gap between Woods’s public image and his secret conduct.


The second comes from — I can’t believe I’m saying this — Rick Reilly. Now I actually laughed in a not completely sarcastic way several times and only groaned twice. Reilly asks and answers 10 of his own questions, exploring the latest in Tiger news:

1. How did he get caught?

Being cheap. Everybody knows Tiger has a reputation for being cheap as single-ply toilet paper. He had an affair with Los Angeles cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs for more than 31 months, according to Grubbs. It was on her phone that a voice sounding a lot like Woods left the infamous “Take your name off your voicemail” message. That message became public when Grubbs gave it to US Weekly magazine, for a reported $150,000. Billionaire Philandering 101 tells you to set your mistress up in an apartment, set her up with a salary, keep her happy and quiet. By all accounts, Woods didn’t do that. Another woman, Jamie Jungers, told the News of the World that Woods didn’t tip and that once, when she asked for money when things got tight, he refused. Next thing you know, she’s on the “Today Show” and “Dateline” spilling secrets. A few hundred thou saved here, a few hundred mil lost there.

And then he moves on to respond to readers’ questions, like these:

I am 22 years old and have been a fan of Tiger’s since he burst onto the professional golf scene in 1996. He was the reason I first picked up a golf club. I will never view him the same. No longer will I shrug off his profanities and temper on the golf course or his lack of connection with the fans who have given him so much and always stand by him. I suppose this is why they say you should never meet your heroes. — Ryan Levine

Not always. If your hero was, say, Peyton Manning, you’d be delighted.

Umm, sorry, Reilly, but…look out for a game-changing dossier on Mr. Manning in the next few weeks...?

How much are we all LOVING [Phil] Mickelson right now? — JK (Carlsbad, Calif.)

Mickelson hasn’t made a single public comment of condemnation, nor support. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.


Merry Christmas, everyone! And if you don’t celebrate, enjoy the day and eat some Chinese food.