GD’s "Playing Editor" Takes Mandatory Leave of Absence
By Stephanie Wei under General

Here now, the NY Post reports on the latest business fallout from Tiger Woods Scandal Land:

Golf Digest is loosening its ties to Tiger Woods, suspending his monthly instructional golf articles while Woods is on leave from professional golf.

It’s only fair to give him a break from the countless hours spent, where Tiger himself mulled over every single word of each column, and let him focus on getting his personal life in order.

But the Condé Nast-owned monthly has not totally severed its connection with Tiger.

Well, duh. Tiger will stay on the publication’s masthead as “Playing Editor.” (No, that’s not a joke.)

Golf Digest has an exclusive long-term contract with Woods valued at $3 million per year. It declined to say whether Tiger’s compensation would be suspended.
The complex contract bars Tiger from doing cover shoots or interviews with other sporting or men’s magazines. Golf Digest also pays for the glossy programs at his charity golf tournament, flies him first-class to some events, and makes contributions in his name to his foundation and other charities.

But as we know, Tiger can be granted permission to do cover stories with other magazines when deals are brokered under peculiar circumstances.

And the last time Tiger flew commercial was when the Berlin Wall was still standing. Perhaps “subsidize fuel costs for his private jet” would have been more appropriate.

So, now with this temporary suspension, I guess it’s no longer arguably a conflict of interest for Golf Digest contributing editor Mark Soltau to also serve as the editorial head at Tiger’s website.