TAG Heuer: We Stand By Tiger…Until the Next Porn Star Comes Forward
By Stephanie Wei under General

TAG Heuer sure is sending some mixed messages regarding its relationship with Tiger Woods. First, it was reported on December 11 that the company tore down all in-store Tiger ad campaigns in its Australian branches and was considering de-Tigering worldwide, but claimed it was unrelated to the recent melodrama surrounding Tiger’s life.

Next, on the morning of December 14, a spokesperson said, “We will continue [our association with him]…he’s the best in his domain.” But in only a matter of hours, TAG Heuer released another statement and changed its previously enthusiastic tone, declaring it would spend the next few weeks assessing its relationship with the disgraced golfer.

Then, last Friday the company announced that though its relationship with Tiger would resume, it would scale back on ads featuring him in the US until further notice, prompting many to assume that the brand was dropping him.

Interestingly enough, now TAG Heuer has him prominently featured (photo above) with the words “TAG Heuer stands with Tiger Woods” on the front page of its website.

Seems a tad strange. Considering the firestorm of allegations against him (and the women claiming to have had an affair with him) have died down, the company appears to have reconsidered its stance once again and feels it’s good publicity to align itself with Tiger. At least for today.