Tiger Won’t Be Found If He Doesn’t Want to Be
By Stephanie Wei under General

Everyone has been wondering where Tiger Woods has been hiding. He hasn’t been seen in public — notwithstanding rumors of him hitting golf balls at night — since the fateful car “accident” on November 27. The last time he was photographed was November 20 at the Cal vs. Stanford football game.

Here now, the latest on Tiger’s whereabouts. According to a report from People magazine on Sunday, Tiger and some buddies were on his yacht, Privacy, which has been docked in North Palm Beach, and had set sail for the Bahamas:

“Tiger’s boat Privacy has been docked at Old Port Cove in North Palm Beach for more than a week,” the source tells PEOPLE. “On Saturday morning, after stocking up on provisions from Costco on Northlake Blvd., the boat left town.”

Another source tells PEOPLE that Woods, 33, is going to cruise in the Bahamas for a few days after hanging around the Palm Beach Gardens area this past week.

But RadarOnline says it has an eyewitness that saw the boat still docked on Monday afternoon. Here’s the photographic proof:

Riveting, I know.

Because of the earlier reports, and others assumed the police motorcade — two cop cars and eight motor-cops — that entered Isleworth today was meant to escort Elin and the children. There were also two police choppers hovering above to follow the motorcade. But now, it’s possible Tiger was still on the grounds.

Even more riveting, I know.

With all the rumors floating around, chances are if Tiger intended to go to the Bahamas, those plans have been nixed. It’s doubtful he’s within a five mile radius of the boat. Perhaps some sort of ploy? Someone should stalk the areas where the inner-Woods circle owns real estate.

It’s impressive his mysterious hiding act has been successful considering he’s a marked man with hundreds of cunning, tireless paparazzi looking for him. How long can this last? For now, let the speculation and curiosity continue.

[Top photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]