Best Dumbest Golf Gadget: Christmas Gift Edition
By Stephanie Wei under General

If you’re a last minute shopper, you might still be looking for absurd, pointless, yet somewhat useful golf-related gadgets to give that golf geek in your life. Here are some to consider…

Golf Bag Drink Dispenser

Artfully disguised as a golf club, this drink dispenser fits in your golf bag to “keep you cool on hot summer days” — or warm if you’re brave enough to bear the cold. The insulated 48oz reservoir stores warm and cold drinks, so you can easily bring your beer or spiked coffee along instead of paying for the overpriced booze from the cart girl. It has a “wide mouth” for ice cubes and easy cleaning.

Manty’s Golf Caddy

The clever innovators at Manty’s have designed a “brand new type of electric powered vehicle, delivering a fun and dynamic, yet comfortable ride!” Basically, it’s a Segway that holds a golf bag. The machine is controlled by “shifting your weight with carve skiing-like movements.” No steering wheel or handlebars! So, it’s perfect for those who just can’t bother to walk and don’t want to rent a golf cart, but want to feel like they’re getting some type of aerobic activity. Also, Manty’s has the power to last 36 holes and easily scale 20% climbs with turf-saving tires. What’s more — the wonderfully tacky promotional video makes it all the more appealing.

George Lucas Yardage Books

These ORANGE yardage books are replicas of the ones used on the PGA Tour, which allow fans to be an “armchair caddy and watch golf tournaments with the same vital information the players and caddies have!” George Lucas, a former Arnold Palmer caddie, has prepared these books for 27 Tour stops — “each hole is drawn with accurate distances and notes all vital information.” As you watch on TV, you can read the putts, visualize the shots and know the yardages. So, you know, you can watch along and (attempt to) analyze the pros’ and caddies’ decision making, and impress your friends at a party when you bring it along and call the right shot.

Eball Inflatable Golf Simulator

This simulator provides “the most realistic golf experience on the market today” and lets “players satisfy their golfing dreams.” It’s perfect for temporary use, sets up quickly and is weatherproof and supposedly easily transportable. The ball sensor technology makes it very realistic, along with the big screen that projects images of various golf courses. So, if you have a big enough backyard (or loft) and you’re too lazy to drag yourself to the course, then you can comfortably tee it up at home. There’s no price tag, but it can’t be cheap.

While this isn’t a “gadget,” a membership at the Boxgroove network would make a great gift. The service allows golfers to play at private golf clubs whether you belong to one or not. You can schedule tee times at numerous traditionally members-only courses while you’re at home or on vacation. Their goal: “To connect serious golfers seeking diverse golf experiences with private courses using an inventive, reliable, online network.”