Mr. Rachel Uchitel Wins 2009 PGA Tour POTY
By Stephanie Wei under General

In a vote by his fellow competitors, Tiger Woods racked up his tenth Player of the Year award, adding to the numerous other honors he received this week, including AP’s Athlete of the Decade and Deadspin’s Sports Human of the Year. Tiger won these awards for his six Tour victories and 15 women he slept with outside of his marriage, respectively.

Oh, and Marc Leishman took home Rookie of the Year honors.

In Tiger Scandal Land related news…

  • Dr. Anthony Galea’s lawyer, Brian H. Greenspan, said Tiger Woods is in no way linked to the drug-related charges against the Canadian blood-spinning voodoo doctor. [ESPN]
  • Jamie Jungers’ aunt said that her dimwitted niece actually took naked pictures of Tiger Woods and had conversations with him on the phone in front of her family. Because Jungers’ aunt is obviously cursed with the same attention-craving gene. [NYMag]
  • Us Weekly quotes some unnamed neighbor from Tiger’s gated community who says they’ve seen him out hitting golf balls by himself after dark. This person also said that they spotted Will Smith dressed in hobo garb helping Tiger with his swing. [Us Weekly]
  • Now that a source has told ABC News that “the divorce is 100% on,” you too can make some money out of this deal by placing bets on how much Elin will get from the settlement. Elin is reportedly consulting celebrity divorce attorney Sorrell Trope, who has represented stars such as Hugh Grant, Nicole Kidman, Britney Spears and Nicolas Cage. [Paddy Power/NY Daily News]
  • PGA Tour player Brad Faxon thinks Tiger has to apologize on the national stage, and if he were advising him, he’d tell him to do it sooner rather than later. He also admitted to reading the NY Post 16 days in a row. [Sports Radio Interviews]
  • NYC strip club SCORES made an open letter endorsement offer of $1 million to Tiger. He would even get to help design a new room dedicated in his honor. [OK! Magazine]
  • US Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin hopes Tiger will return in time to play in the October match. He says Tiger needs to get his family life together first, though, and he’s “not going to sit here in judgment.” [ESPN]
  • Olympic herculean athlete Michael Phelps understands Tiger’s pain: “It can’t be easy.” [USA Today]

[Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images]