Celebrity "Philanderers" Have Tiger’s Back
By Stephanie Wei under General

The Tiger Woods melodrama is invoking all sorts of emotions and thoughts, and while the public opinion of Tiger has dropped from 88% to 33%, according to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll, many famous people, who have dealt with their own “transgressions,” are stepping up to show their support.

First, on a radio show taped Tuesday night, Charles Barkley expressed his concern and frustration that Tiger hasn’t reached out to his famous friends because they’re the only ones who can understand what he’s going through. Spike Lee, also a guest on the show, chimed in, “He’s insulated. If Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan can’t get to him, and those are his boys, then other people are making bad moves.”

Lakers forward Ron Artest wrote an open letter to Tiger on his website with words of encouragement. As an athlete who has made some similar mistakes, he can relate and sympathizes with the unfair, cruel media backlash.

Dear Tiger,
In reading the statements you have made, I can tell you are a stand up guy. Please remember only Jesus is perfect. You made a mistake and you admitted your infidelity.
I have made the same mistakes. Before I got married to my wife, I had a baby with another young lady, after I already had two by my girlfriend who is now my wife. We also had another baby which makes three for us and four for me. Two boys and two girls.
My wife is a much better wife than I am a husband. We still argue and disagree after being together 16 years. and I still cope with the fact that there are so many women out there and I choose to stay loyal to my wife.
I want to be home every night, but with traveling I can’t, and sometimes I might want to go to a bar or club and be one of the fellas. Most of the time I stay in, because I have my kids and wife.
I cannot sit here and say the thought to have many women has never crossed my mind. If I were Jesus I could.

I have known my wife for 16 years– since I was 14 years old.
She was my first.
On the way to 2010 we had many ups and downs on the way, mostly my fault. But I really choose to work hard and play ball to support her and my kids. The same reason you are building your legacy.
I have been disturbed by this because there are many people who are happy that this bad news has come out.
There are a lot of sports announcers and regular reporters who are not perfect in their own homes, yet they want to bring you down.
You have done so much for people, the sport of golf, and your family and you gave your wife a life that people can’t even dream of.
I thought you were 36 or 37 until I read the news today. A 33-year-old man who has been a model citizen with so much at stake. This is your first publicly known issue since you started your career, compared to my 50 or more publicly known issues and
You have been the perfect role model for me and my sons for longer than anyone I have known.
With the exception of a few legends.
As your fan, I can’t wait to see you golf again.
And us athletes know how much you personally love your family.

One love,
Ron Artest

This is just a fan mail letter to Tiger Woods fans and indirectly to Tiger himself.
Please, everyone support Tiger in these tough times for his family.

Also if you are a sports announcer or regular everyday reporter or blogger please step up like Tiger and tell your wife or husband if you have any skeletons in your closet. Especially if you were one of the few attacking TIGER!!
One Love People

Next, Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis, famed for his eccentric alter egos, weighed in. Some highlights:

I think he’s being treated unfair…Being an athlete, you’re put under a microscope and everybody wants you to be perfect.

And I think for so long, Tiger’s image was that of just a perfect person. Nobody wanted to see [anything else]. Now all of the sudden, you go from loving this man who you admired for all these years, and you find out he had a side woman and all of the sudden you hate him? You know, he’s still the same man that you grew to love.

He needed to be congratulated. If he could keep that a secret and ain’t nobody came out and told [on him], hey, congratulate him. You know, most of the time there’s one or two, and you can’t keep that a secret. So if he can balance 14 and keep it a secret, congrats. You know, at least he knows what he wants. He don’t discriminate, he’s not against people, he don’t care what your job, what your background is….He knew what he was after.

He’s like the Nelson Mandela of cheaters. Today, Athlete of the Decade; next up — Nobel Peace Prize!

And now, former NYC major and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, also acclaimed for his history of philandering, tells Tiger, “Hang in there,” according to Us Weekly.

I just want to hear Phil Mickelson’s thoughts.