Latest Report: Sorry, Tiger, Elin’s Leaving and Taking the Swedecaublasians With Her
By Stephanie Wei under General

People magazine reports that Elin Nordegren is calling it quits with Tiger Woods:

A source close to the golfer’s wife tells PEOPLE, saying, “She plans to leave Tiger.”  Another source claims, “She’s made up her mind. There’s nothing to think about: he’s never going to change.”

The New York Post corroborates the claims:

A source close to the golfer’s camp told The Post, “She’s making plans to move out and take the kids with her.”

“She’s planning to go somewhere warm and Tiger-free for Christmas,” the source said.

“The only reason she didn’t leave earlier is that their son had the flu, but he’s now recovered.

Last Saturday while Elin was taking her children, Sam, 2, and Charlie, 10 months, to a holiday party, she was photographed pumping gas without her wedding ring. A source claimed it didn’t mean anything, but a high-profile Florida divorce lawyer told People Elin has met with attorneys to renegotiate the Woods’ prenuptial agreement.

According to the New York Post, moving trucks were spotted outside the Woods’ Windermere home, packing up what appeared to be artwork on Wednesday. Elin spent about ten minutes giving instructions to the movers before driving off with the children.

Meanwhile, it’s rumored Tiger is holed up somewhere with agent Mark Steinberg. Charles Barkley, a good friend of Tiger’s, is upset he can’t get in touch with him:

He said he just wants to tell Woods, “Hey, man, We love you,” and, “You should reach out to your celebrity friends when things go bad. They’re the only people who understand.”

According to sources, Tiger changed his phone number shortly after the car accident and none of his friends, including his PGA Tour buddies, have been able to contact him.

Perhaps now that Elin is leaving him and taking her kids with her, Tiger will be back on the golf course sooner than expected — depending on his mental state, of course, but it’s going to be pretty lonely out there. Wait, never mind…

In better news, despite the salacious news surrounding the golfer that have dominated headlines for nearly three weeks, members of the Associated Press voted him Athlete of the Decade. With 64 wins worldwide and 12 major championships, there’s no way to overlook his accomplishments on the golf course in the past ten years. So, at least he has that going for him.