Public Trashing Forces Cori Rist to Speak Out
By Stephanie Wei under General

Perhaps better known as Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress number six, Cori Rist, a 31-year-old single mom, appeared on the Today Show on Monday morning to set the record straight. She said, “I felt the need to defend myself,” and stressed she isn’t a “hooker or prostitute,” nor did she ever receive monetary compensation from Tiger.

Rist seemed genuine, as she told her side of the story, while also disclosing how Tiger managed to keep their dalliance a secret — supposedly it wasn’t one, at least not to those who played wingmen.

She explained the desire “to take responsibility for the things she’s done” — which apparently meant speaking on national television. While she also offered a heartfelt apology to Tiger’s wife, Elin, it probably doesn’t serve as much else than an obligatory, polite gesture, even if she did appear genuinely remorseful.

Was this all really necessary? Why did she come forward in the first place if she didn’t have opportunistic intentions? She comes across as sympathetic, but it’s difficult not to suspect self-serving motives. But maybe I’m just cynical.

In related news, the Daily Beast’s Gerald Posner pens an interesting piece, detailing the ins-and-outs of how Tiger managed to lead a double life. He also reports Rachel Uchitel that she could receive a payoff totaling approximately $5 million.